As seen on Channel 5’s Carry on Caravaning!!

Did you see us on the recent Channel 5 TV program ‘Carry on Caravaning’? It was a series to look at caravanning across the UK and meet caravan fanatics, Dolly Daydreams Party Caravan was the main feature on the show on episode 4 in September ’16.

Every year we go on our annual Girls Glamping Rally where myself Jan and a few caravan-mad friends take our beloved caravans to Hollym Holiday Park for a few days. I took my pink caravan Alice this year and friends also brought along their own vintage caravans. We each took some vintage themed activities and party games to play while we’re there and basically we just had a lot of fun.

Channel 5 called to ask if they could film us during this summer’s rally and, rather apprehensively, I agreed! They filmed for 2 days and captured us having lots of fun, plus they got some interviews with me and my teenage daughter who came along. I didn’t get to see any of it until the night it aired but I was really pleased with the results and they captured the spirit of the rally perfectly! They also got some great shots of Alice so if you want to see inside the caravan check it out.

We had some fantastic feedback on social media, and lots of requests to join our rally next year. So, if you’re a girl who loves caravans just as much as me and would like come along, you can find details and register your interest on our facebook page here


If you missed the show and want to see us all having fun (and also making a fool of ourselves!) you can see the clip here……–2/episode-4

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